Our Vision

Our Cosmetics
We began making our own handmade cosmetics four years ago to use ourselves and for friends and family.
We were getting so much positive feedback about our cosmetics that we decided to refine the recipes and apply for safety assessments in order to legally sell them to the public.
Our aim is to create a high quality range of handmade cosmetics with the emphasis on the quality of the raw ingredients that go into them. We also aim to keep the number of ingredients to a minimum and all ingredients must have a beneficial purpose in order for them to be included in the product.
We have a policy of keeping all packaging to a minimum and all our packaging is either recyclable or compostable.
We do not add any mica pigments to our products but instead we use natural ingredients such as clays and activated charcoal to add natural colour to some of our range of products.
We never use fragrance oils and only use high quality essential oils.
Our products are all paraben free, palm oil free and plastic micro beads free and all our ingredients are biodegradable.

Our Jams/Marmalade

One of the first things we did when we moved to Connemara was to start establishing our vegetable garden. Our goal is to be able to grow enough fruit and vegetables for our own needs and to sell any surplus. With this in mind we purchased a large polytunnel and built it close to our house. We then built a series of raised beds within the polytunnel and outside it to allow us to plant our vegetables. We then planted an orchard next to this which now contains fruit trees such as cherry & plum and Fruit bushes such as raspberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, redcurrant, gooseberry & Aronia. We have planted many different varieties of rhubarb and strawberries too. 
Our Jams are made from a mixture of fruit from our garden and shop bought fruit. 
We plan to continually expand on the number of fruit trees we have in order to produce more fruit for our jams.